Movie Review #4 The Fast and the Furious Series

Oh. My. Gosh.

I am back, sorry that its been a while. High School, lots of homework, chores, same old same old.

Anyway as you probably know, as you get older you watch different shows and movies. During Spring break, I have been watch the most awesome action movies ever. You might have a different opinion, but that is mine.

The movies are insane. I’ve seen the Fast and the Furious (1st one), the Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift (3rd one and currently favourite one) and Fast Five (5th one). I understand the movies aren’t really in order, and I know I still have to watch the second one and forth one soon.

The storyline is a bit weird though.


In Tokyo Drift a character died, which kinda sucks because he was my favourite character. Anyway the other day I was watching Fast Five and he was ALIVE. Mom said he was also in the forth one.


The movies are rated PG13 due to a lot of reasons

Well that’s it for this review. See you next time


Another Day At School

School was shaking with horror, confusion and excitement?

In case you don’t know what I’m talking there was an earthquake reaching a 6.7. It was a strange feeling when it was going on. The earth was moving side to side in a rocking motion. Here what happened to my and other kids stories during the quake.

The teacher was talking and I was writing something down in my binder when my desk started moving. I shaked it thinking I had a lopsided desk, no. That’s when I realized what was going on, an Earthquake. When we finally left the classroom my friend came up beside me and said and I quote ” That was Awesomesauce”

A kid in my TA told me a story too.

She was in foods class and the teacher was chopping something I forgot. Anyway a kid screamed earthquake, but the teacher ignored him because he was a jokester, so the teacher didn’t believe him. When the teacher finally looked up she thought her class was gone, but they were under the table.

Do you have a natural disaster story that you want to share. Leave a comment. Stay tuned for music videos by. . . . .  well you gotta wait to see. Till next time adios amigos.

Music Video #7: Most Songs by Mike Tompkins

Heeeeeeeeeeelllllllllllllllllllllloooooooooo! Readers

Ever heard Mike Tompkins. No. Well this guy can do a whole song with his voice and mouth. Its pretty cool.

P.Y.T (Pretty Young Things) by Michael Jackson

Rolling in the Deep by Adele

Firework by Katy Perry

Only Girl by Rihanna

Fireflies by Owl City

Dynamite by Taio Cruz

Teenage Dream and Just the Way You Are by Katy Perry and Bruno Mars

Party in the USA by Miley Cyrus

So how was that. Which on was your favourite? Mine personally is Rolling in the Deep and Fireflies, those were really good.

’til next time see ya


I’m Interviewing My Sister

Hi it’s Brittany’s little brother Zack.

She’s interviewed me twice so I asked her if I could interview her so here it is.

Z: Hi Brittany how are you?

B: Good you?

Z: Great, so what’s your favourite colour?

B: I got 2 purple and Lime green

Z: Cool, what is your favourite type of food?

B: Mexican!

Z: Yum, What is your favourite song?

B: Oh wow I got a lot of favourites, but I like Dynamite, Party Rock Anthem,  Pumped Up Kicks and Rolling in the Deep

Z: I’m a little fishy

B: Um what?

Z: Never mind, What’s your favourite show?

B: Class of the Titans, it not on air any more but it’s still the best show ever

Z: Awesome, well that’s all folks thanks Brit

B: No problem bye

Music Video #6 Pumped Up Kicks by Foster the People

My new favourite song next to Party Rock Anthem. Pumped Up Kicks has awesome music. When I first heard the song I didn’t know what they were saying so I put up the lyric video just in case you don’t know what there saying.

The Official Music Video

The Lyric Video

If you watch the Party Rock Anthem and liked the robot guy, thumbs up, fist pound and high five to you. Oh dear I think I go on Youtube too much as well as read the comment.

Heard a song and liked the music video. Leave the title of the song and artist in a comment and I’ll put in a post. Have any ideas for future segments let me know. Until next time see ya.

Music Video #5 Video Killed The Radio Star by The Buggles

Yesterday was the celebration of this song. The video was the first one aired on MTV 30 YEARS AGO. Enjoy Video Killed the Radio Star music video by clicking below.

Video Killed the Radio Star

The music videos were so much different back then were they. Well that it for this post. If you have any  want me to you want me to right about comment here.


Good Bye With The Old, Hello With The New

This is week is the last week in my original classroom. You may have heard of Yana over at Angel’s Cafe. Well SURPRISE!!! she goes to my school and we’re friends. But we are in only one class together. Well this Monday I’m going to her class. The funny thing is this is my Social Studies teacher‘s idea.

Til next time adios.

Would You Rather. . .

Here is a quick but fun game. It’s called Would You Rather. . . I will give you 2 options, and you pick which 1. Warning: Some questions are for only boys and for only girls. Girls, if you like some guy stuff like me go right ahead.

1. Would you rather meet Taylor Lautner or Justin Beiber

2. Would you rather drive the monster truck Grave Digger or Jurassic Attack

3. Would you rather build a Lego city with my little brother Zack or Buy everything Justin Beiber, That means the bedding, the Justin Beiber doll etc.

4. Would you rather watch iCarly or That’s So Weird, where they make fun of shows and celebrities

5. Would you rather ride a motorbike to school or drive a monster truck to the Beach

6. Would you rather be on the show In Real Life or Survivor

7. Would you rather eat sushi with tons of soy sauce or fish with lots of tartar sauce

8. Would you rather be in a helicopter or in a submarine

9. Would you rather go to Japan or to Ireland

10. Would you rather go back to the past when you were a baby or go to the future 20 years,  you can see what’s going on, but they can see you

Hope you liked the game. Comment in your answer.